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‘Driver’ Voted Best Ever PlayStation 1 Game

‘Driver’ And ‘Driver 2’ Voted As The Best PlayStation 1 Games.

There’s no denying that playing video games these days is an unreal experience. Depending on what game you chuck in, most take users on an emotional and physical journey and the graphics couldn’t be more realistic.

But that’s not to say that old school consoles weren’t bad – in fact, they were anything but terrible.


There were thousands of games produced for the legendary PlayStation 1 (5,103 to be specific), which debuted in Japan more than two decades ago.

While everyone will have their favourite, there is one that has been crowned as the best.

Drum roll please.

Ladies and gentlemen, the Best Ever PlayStation 1 Game, according to Ranker, is Driver and it’s sequel Driver 2.

Looking at the trailer for the original game it’s hard not to be impressed by the quality of the game, considering when it was produced. Younger gamers would laugh at the pixelated cars and characters, but for people who grew up with this technology, it was bloody amazing.

Driver was produced by GT Interactive Software and was first released in June 25, 1999 in Europe before making its way to America five days later.

You get to play as a getaway driver in Miami, San Francisco, Los Angeles, and New York.

It was an open world environment in the same way Skyrim, Grand Theft Auto and Red Dead Redemption is, but Driver was one of the first to creating this style of game playing. It was supposed to mimic to epic chase scenes from movies made in the 1960s and 70s and gave you the chance to re-watch your mission in ‘Film Director’ mode.

In reviewing the game, IGN’s Douglass C. Perry wrote: “In the history of driving games for PlayStation, there is nothing that comes close to the comprehensive, deep, and thoroughly pleasurable experience that’s embedded deep in the heart of Driver.

“It fulfils driving enthusiasts’ deepest desires to drive as fast as possible through major US cities and to slam into just about anything without any repercussions. In that sense, Driver is a dream come true.”

If you’re wondering what other games made the list, wonder no more.

Digimon World 2003 scored the silver medal, followed by Dreams, then Pop’n Music 2, Pop’n Music: Animation Melody, 1xtreme, 2Xtreme, 3, 2, 1… Smurf! My First Racing Game, 3D Baseball and 3D Bouncing Ball Puzzle.

While some people might not agree with that top 10, it’s hard to argue against Driver and its sequel being pretty bloody amazing.

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