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Samsung Galaxy Note 9

When Samsung heard about iPhone XL, they started to think how to compete it. The result ???Galaxy Note 9.


People were shocked by the RRP of the Galaxy Note 8 when it was revealed it would cost £869. But on closer inspection we found it worth every penny. Moreover, it’s now available for at least £100 less if you shop around online – Samsung prices usually fall by around 20 percent within the first three months of launch. Expect the Galaxy Note 9 to once again come in at £869.

The most exciting rumour by far is that the Note 9 will have an all-glass front, with a truly bezel-less design. It will achieve this by embedding the fingerprint scanner into (or rather under) the display, and also integrating the camera and sensors here. The Super AMOLED screen will most certainly act as a light source for the sensor.

An even more ambitious goal for the Galaxy Note 9 could be for it to have a bendable display. This is something Samsung’s been working on for even longer, and there’s suggestion that the tech could land in a phone late this year.

However, it might still arrive too late for it to be used in the Note 9, and Samsung might not want to debut such an experimental tech on a major flagship.

However the Note 9 looks, there’s a chance that it will be made from a new material, as Samsung has trademarked ‘Metal 12’ – a material that’s both strong and light. And moving from the outside to in, The Korea Herald reports that Samsung might equip the Galaxy Note 9 with an NPU (neural processing unit). That’s essentially an AI chip like Apple and Huawei have begun using in their flagships. It’s unclear what Samsung would use the chip for, but it could potentially speed up certain functions of the phone.

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